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Attention to Detail

Menswear is a game of inches

For menswear, it is a game of inches. How a jacket sits even off an 1/8 of an inch of your shoulder, makes a difference in a look.

How much of a shirt cuff are you showing in relation to your jacket and the sleeve. For a French cuff shirt or a button cuff shirt, it should reach to the root of the thumb at all times. The barrel of the cuff should wrap around your wrist in a comfortable and smooth horseshoe.

Check out the shirt/suit/tie contrast. This might be odd to hear, but your face should be the one drawing more attention than what you have on. When thinking about contract, you are basically replicating how your hair contrasts to your skin tone.

How much break you get in your pants. Have your pants be just long enough to sit on top of the shoe, creating a very minimal crease. Try a hemline [...]

Value -1

Most men’s stores, be it a local “Boutiques ” or the national chains like Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom , Bloomingdales  etc. the word VALUE refers to discounts. Think SALE. That’s not to say saving money is not important…it is! What’s equally important is making an informed purchase. Understanding the Fits Patterns Fabrics where it originated, what mill produced it and who manufactured the garment are essential.

As with any Other purchase be it electronics and or cars  etc… Information is the key , I would say it should Even be considered more important, since – weather we like it or not we are judged by it on Daily bases . After all how one dresses be it ( Sartorial / Business Casual /Professional Casual / or Casual Sartorial) Says so-much about us , basically it’s a conversation before you say a thing…

Value -2

Another important aspect that commonly gets overlooked by [...]

Dash's Custom Creations A charcoal grey year around weight-suit, in classic plaid in lavender and black! To maximize and to amplify is the way shown above but it can easily be expressed in a much more "conservative" and a more approachable look. Fabric Dormeuil Amadeus collection, Manufacturer Luigi Bianchi A 2"cutaway in a perfect lavender & white collar fabric by Albini, Manufactured by Howard's of Paris A lavendar and polkadots in two sizes, the smaller ones to compliment the shirt in the right scale size and the larger polkadots to compliment the scale of the pattern and pallet of the suit! Perfect! Arison Fabric A fun light summer wool sport jacket in navy base palette and light blue and white stripes.  Manufacturer LUIGI Bianchi paired with a basic blue & white striped shirt that can always double as the go to shirt of your navy suit with or without a tie, white pocket square or your navy ( soft ) blazer with your dressy jeans.  Shirt fabric by Thomas Mason.  Manufactured by Howard' [...]
What is it That You Do That Makes You The Best in the World The Philosophy That Makes Dash’s of Old Town Stand Out   Other men’s clothiers and retailers offer a service that they did not invent. A formula they did not create. A delivery method that was provided to them. Nothing they do amounts to what they have is patentable or does not provide a unique user experience. They haven’t even identified and isolated a market segment. esigner closed in 1987That’s why we are different. I am second generation clothier. But this isn’t what makes me good at my job. Being a clothier requires passion, enthusiasm and a love of your craft – but most importantly, perpetual learning. I started working at the old Dash’s Designers and watched as the company grew to new heights to become one of the leading men’s clothing stores in the DC / Maryland / Virginia area. But sadly, I started noticing the [...]
Having women at 35% of our total fan base , is an awesome responsibility ! One we take pride in !

( As an over all percentage ) Women know the value of self expression and what an Asset it is when used appropriately and focused . How one dresses is a delicate issue to explain, especially since men's ( for lack of a better word ) " fashion " is not like Women's fashion ... it's a lot more sociological.   Men's fashion does not change for the sake of changing . So you would have to contextualize as to why he should consider what you are suggesting or at times more importantly not wearing, what they are used to seeing themselves in , or even looking like. That is why we proudly have over 4K women with whom we have a bond with and we are as much a fan of their's as they have been of Dash's !

Dash's Original Creations

Quality is subjective, isn’t it?

This is precisely the reason one goes to any “boutique” or “high-end” department store where brand names and labels are the name of the game. Almost every major department store has basically the same brands under different umbrellas, so what are these retailers bringing to the table? More importantly, how much is it costing you? Pricewise, name brand labels cost about 30% more for the same fabrics and workmanship, and that’s just for off the rack garments. The lack of passion, lack of knowledge and lack of caring about the details can be stupefying.

As my father used to say, “Only very wealthy people can afford to keep buying cheap things.”

If the cost is your main concern, don’t skimp on alterations or the fit. It is better to buy an inferior product than to buy a better garment and skimp on the alterations and the fit.

The next question to ask is, “Are you buying pieces that only be worn in one category, such as business casual, sartorial, or …?” We feel that in the foreseeable future menswear will have a non-industrial look and feel, so there is no reason that you cannot buy things that could be worn in each one of those categories. Now that is the true value!

The true value of a garment can be measured in two easy ways. The first is cost per wear. Let’s say a suit that costs $1000 will last for 7 to 10 years, being worn once a [...]

Menswear is not about inches, it is about 1/8 or a 1/4 of an inch that can make or break the look.

Before opening Dash’s, I worked at the “best” mens clothing department store in the country. Their policy was that the tailor who pinned or chalked the garment was the one doing the work on it. I found this to be like communism, by which I mean it sounds good on paper. Here is an example: The most common mistake in mens clothing is for the jacket sleeves to be too long.

Since your “better” garments have stitching at the cuff which at least gives the illusion of functional buttons, the sleeves have to be shortened from the armhole. I would recommend to have the customer’s sleeves shortened, and the tailors would get angry with me because alteration requires a lot of work. This is not a job for a seamsperson, but for an [...]

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