“I opened this store with the intention to provide men in Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington DC area, education, inspiration, and identification of personal style. The atmosphere in my mens store is one that is caring, educational and free of salesperson’s pressure tactics. What one wears is a conversation without words, but it must carry a voice, and I am here to help refine what to say with it and to how to fine tune its statement.”

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Victor Dash

Dash’s of Old Town

The Custom Shop

We pride ourselves on quality, scarcity and longevity. We are not just a suit store, but your source for finding the best talent and craftsmanship in today’s menswear that is modern yet rooted in tradition.

The Suit – Made-to-Measure or Off-the-Rack

With our partnership from Luigi Bianchi, we create a fully custom mens suit using the finest fabrics from around the world from Loro Piana, Cerruti, Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Dormeuil, and Ariston.

Today’s Business Casual

It is more than just ditching the tie or omitting your black suit, today’s business casual is built on conscious decisions from a sophisticated wardrobe, supreme fit, and our best seasonal fabrics. We’ll help you build it.

The Story Behind Dash’s

With more than 30 years of menswear experience, it was time to open a shop that cleared the clutter of mark-ups, tactics and misinformation.

Read Our Reviews

Reviewers from Yelp give us a 4.5, Facebook reviewers give us a 4.4, and Google reviewers give us a 4.2. Read our reviews to learn why we go above and beyond just being a mens clothing store.

The Dash’s Academy

We bring you a blog roll that will help you develop your own personal style through knowledge based posts and videos.

Our Partners

A fine team of craftsmanship. Dash’s brings a highly knowledgeable, client-focused approach to menswear. Our showroom collection is custom made by our partners exclusively for us.


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