The Italian Drop Size

Old Town Alexandria Northern Virginia – When you come in to Dash’s of Old Town, you will see an large selection of off the rack suiting. These suits are custom made just for the store, with fabric and sizing direction under Victor Dash. Yes, you will see your standard blues, blacks, grays, and tans. But […]

Attention to Detail

For menswear, it is a game of inches. How a jacket sits even off an 1/8 of an inch of your shoulder, makes a difference in a look. How much of a shirt cuff are you showing in relation to your jacket and the sleeve. For a French cuff shirt or a button cuff shirt, […]

The Nuances of Value

Value -1 Most men’s stores, be it a local “Boutiques ” or the national chains like Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom , Bloomingdales  etc. the word VALUE refers to discounts. Think SALE. That’s not to say saving money is not important…it is! What’s equally important is making an informed purchase. Understanding the Fits Patterns Fabrics where it […]

Understanding Quality

Quality is subjective, isn’t it? This is precisely the reason one goes to any “boutique” or “high-end” department store where brand names and labels are the name of the game. Almost every major department store has basically the same brands under different umbrellas, so what are these retailers bringing to the table? More importantly, how […]

Understanding Cost

As my father used to say, “Only very wealthy people can afford to keep buying cheap things.” If the cost is your main concern, don’t skimp on alterations or the fit. It is better to buy an inferior product than to buy a better garment and skimp on the alterations and the fit. The next […]

Understanding Correct Fit

Menswear is not about inches, it is about 1/8 or a 1/4 of an inch that can make or break the look. Before opening Dash’s, I worked at the “best” mens clothing department store in the country. Their policy was that the tailor who pinned or chalked the garment was the one doing the work […]