What is it That You Do That Makes You The Best in the World

The Philosophy That Makes Dash’s of Old Town Stand Out


Other men’s clothiers and retailers offer a service that they did not invent. A formula they did not create. A delivery method that was provided to them. Nothing they do amounts to what they have is patentable or does not provide a unique user experience. They haven’t even identified and isolated a market segment. esigner closed in 1987That’s why we are different. I am second generation clothier. But this isn’t what makes me good at my job. Being a clothier requires passion, enthusiasm and a love of your craft – but most importantly, perpetual learning.

I started working at the old Dash’s Designers and watched as the company grew to new heights to become one of the leading men’s clothing stores in the DC / Maryland / Virginia area. But sadly, I started noticing the more important parts of the business (such as customer service, product knowledge, and staying current) were being overlooked –and unfortunately Dash’s Dash’s Designer closed in 1987.

Even though I knew a lot about the business there were certain segments that I had to learn. So I got a job at the Custom Shop a company out of NYC , there I started my education in custom clothing for men and worked with the firm for 2 years from there. It was to a Big&Tall business which is definitely a niche market but an important one! Helping bigger guys dress better and seeing their Self confidence sore in all ways! And while learning the minuet details that are even more important for a larger size Gentlemen! It was by far my most gratifying job up until then! From there the natural progression was to men’s clothing lines and Luxury men’s wear labels such as Brioni, Armani, Prada etc. and finding out what made them luxury and finding out how much of the percentage of the “cost” of the garment was for the fabric and the quality of the cloth, and what percentage was for workmanship, and what percentage of the cost is simply the “brand name” which takes the majority cost just over 30%!

After Neiman Marcus went to work as a General manager and buyer at couple of local boutiques, there I learned basically how NOT to treat a client as if we had two competing agendas , and not get stuck in the decade that you first opened .

So after 35 years in the industry with clarity of an idea I envisioned the future of men’s luxury clothing stores, for custom made suits, sport jackets, slacks and custom-made shirts in Old Town, Alexandria and beyond.

Dash’s is a a knowledge based clothier. Italian luxury at polite prices.