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Our goal as Dash’s is to find manufacturers with the same passion, enthusiasm, and heritage – It was fortuitous that in our first year, 2005, we found and partnered with Lubiam. Lubiam is a company that has established itself in the luxury suit, jacket and formalwear marketplace. For over 100 years since its founding, LUBIAM still manages to intersect its quintessential Italian roots through its emphasis on craftsmanship and its continuing involvement of the family of original founder, Luigi Bianchi.

It has taken us 12 years to find another manufacturer for us to partner with – Howard’s of Paris. Howard’s produces custom made shirts, ties and accessories because it is just as hard trying to find manufacturer with heritage, passion, enthusiasm and style as trying to find a clothier who takes pride on his or her craft. Not just lip service.


Luigi Bianchi Family ( Left to Right ) Guiliano’s sons Edgardo Jr., Giovanni and Gabriele and their cousin Andrea Benedini.


Lubiam is one of the few Italian companies which is still run by the family of its founder, Luigi Bianchi, who in 1911 set up Primaria Sartoria Luigi Bianchi – menswear and women’s dresses and suits.

Thanks for his enthusiasm and passion for the craft of tailoring, Luigi Bianchi soon succeeded in starting up a successful menswear firm, carrying the hallmark of excellence and “Made in Italy” internationally recognized.  The company is now growing and developing under the lead of the family’s fourth generation.  The year 2011 saw Lubiam’s Centenary.  Constantly committed to research, innovation, and continuous experimenting, Lubiam has marked its 100th anniversary with success, establishing itself in Italy and the world as a company that continually reinvents itself and its high quality products, without forgetting its own history and tradition.

Cerruti 1881

in 1881, Antonio Cerruit founded a weaving workshop in Biella, an Italian town renowned for its rich heritage in quality wool and fabric production.  From these roots, the Cerrito name has expanded from luxurious fabric to acclaimed fashion without ever losing sight of its core values emphasizing quality and style, craftsmanship and technology.


The history of the House of Dormeuil is interwoven with the constant search for the rare and luxurious. Dominic Dormeuil explores breeding farms around the world each year to select the most precious fires and produce exceptional fabrics.

Loro Piana

Starting out as wool merchants in the 1800’s, the Loro Piana company was formally founded in 1924 b Pietro Loro Piana.  Ever since, Loro Piana has been recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury fabrics, from ultra fine cashmere and merino wool to the most exceptional shirting fabrics in very high thread counts.  Since the 1980’s, Loro Piana has also distinguished itself as a manufacturer of its own brand of clothing and accessories.

Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663

One of the oldest suppliers of fabric, In 1663, the first document relating to the wool-producing activities of the family of Barberis Canonico is the “quinternetto delle tagline” ( community record of sizes ) which reports the delivery of a “saia grisa” (grey wool) to the Duke of Savoy by Ajmo Barbero.  In addition, it speaks of the skill of dying, which in those days was not known to everybody and was jealously guarded and passed down from father to son.  Giovanni Antonio and Ajmo Antonio, direct descendants of Ajmo, extend the business, and are registered in the community respectively as cloth merchant and cobbler in 1726.  Fast forward to 2013 … 350 years in the wool business and the mainstays are still fabrics and family.