Why Dash’s?

Why Dash’s?


Simply put, since Patterns and Pallets change more often by far than actual styles, it is very hard for a client to choose something different and anew from a small “swatch”, let alone tyron a new pattern or color before making the decision! Here at Dash’s, we custom make the latest patterns & pallets (at least for your consideration ) twice a year! For you to see a finished garment and then choose what we call ( custom made off the rack ) and that thought process goes for our custom made shirts and custom made sports jackets!  If you happen to be in the market for an off the rack suit, you will be offered the same rarefied choices for your consideration!


Our creations are made in Italy by Luigi Bianchi, a family owned fourth generation manufacturer that have been our partner since 2005!  Our custom made suit or other items are 30% less than comparable manufacturer or “Brandname” .  It’s worth repeating that Dash’s custom made items are around 30% less than comparable off the rack brand names! 


Most men’s stores, be it a local “Boutiques ” or the national chains like Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom , Bloomingdales etc. the word VALUE refers to discounts. Think SALE. That’s not to say saving money is not important…it is! What’s equally important is making an informed purchase. Understanding the Fits Patterns Fabrics where it originated, what mill produced it and who manufactured the garment are essential.
As with any Other purchase be it electronics and or cars etc…


Information is the key , I would say it should Even be considered more important, since – weather we like it or not we are judged by it on Daily bases . After all how one dresses be it ( Sartorial / Business Casual /Professional Casual / or Casual Sartorial) Says so-much about us , basically it’s a conversation before you say a thing…


Another important aspect that commonly gets overlooked by most of the market is understanding new trends in menswear and how it relates to what you buy. This is the unique value proposition of Dash’s.Men’s Styles do not change that often and is a lot more sociological then one would think giving you a quick example


When big shoulder pads big lapels triple pleats ,mostly exaggerated outfits , have been In “fashion ” 1920s 1950s late 80s to mid 90s these have been Bullish years ! Relatively most people were making more money . On the other hand every time the economy goes south , Grey becomes the go to color Choice in men’s wear . So unlike Women’s wear that it mostly changes for the sake of changing .


But WHEN it Does change it is imperative that you get a head of it , or at the very least to be informed by your “clothier ” about your choices and how best it suits you, no pun intended .but unfortunately most clothiers don’t know what they don’t know or at the best case scenario they found out about the trend about the same time as your wife or your girlfriend was making you aware .


A knowledge of what patterns and palettes are becoming more important and should be at the very least worthy of consideration before making a purchase. This impacts and should get even more amplified when purchasing custom garments . Patterns and Pallets change a lot more often then styling and each pattern will stay relevant for a good while 3 to 5 years depending on the market’s enthusiasm for the pattern!


That is not say your basic regularly worn and favored looks will be any less important, it just means “this pattern” Should be considered! Now here is where it gets tricky eg. We had predicted “Window pane ” in 200? Over a year before anybody else had picked up on it , not because We are geniuses or psychics it just means we pay attention and saw it coming !


And we take our job more seriously and perceive the information as added ” value ” Even more importantly we feel if the consumer does not have the information its Not as bad as having it too late or just on the cusp of a new fabric pattern . It is like Being the last guy who bought a brand new Mercedes on the last year/ month of theNew “body Design ” congratulations you just bought a brand-new car that looks four years old.



When purchasing a custom made garment. The primary reason most men buy custom made is for a proper fit. It is generally very hard to buy a garment “off the rack” and achieve a desired fit without substantial alterations by a talented tailor. Buying a custom garment also opens up more possibilities including the fabric, picked from a swatch ( a small peace of fabric) at Dash’s since we custom make most of inventory And those are the swatches that we felt should be more worthy of a serious Consideration, we show them as a finished garment “custom made off the rack ”


Italian Luxury at Polite Prices!