Why Dash’s?

At Dash’s, we are passionate about men’s clothing, and we strive to ensure our clients always feel satisfied with the quality, craftsmanship, value, and service we offer. After over 30 years in the industry, I established Dash’s of Old Town in response to the trends I saw in the market – clothiers and department stores were relying on labels to sell their stock and taking advantage of an uninformed public. In addition, many sales associates themselves were uninformed about the very garments they were selling.

As a result, the details and finer points that make a wardrobe truly stunning were overlooked, and people were paying more, but dressed worse. I created Dash’s to change all this.

Dash’s brings a highly knowledgeable, client-centric approach to the luxury clothing industry. We procure our entire collection from exclusive American and Italian manufacturers; all our suits are made in Italy and hand-finished in Old Town Alexandria; and our services provide our clients with a truly unique experience fit for the Gatsby in all of us. Our comprehensive set of services is designed to help maximize the wearability and overall affect of our clients’ wardrobes.

If you are looking to form a personal relationship with your clothier or have been consistently disappointed by experiences at other stores, come see how much better I can make you look.

Victor Dash