5th generation manufacturers Luigi Bianchi since 1911

Quality. It’s not a subjective word, is it? That is precisely the reason why one goes to any boutique or upscale department store such as Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue or even brooks brothers, or a Nordstrom.

However, almost everybody has the same brand names, under different umbrellas.   So what does the retailer bring to the table? The most important question is how much this is costing you?, not in fabric or workmanship, but just in cost. It’s about 30% and that’s just for off the rack.

Comparing to our custom made suits, sports jackets, slacks, and shirts. And nowadays there are these companies popping up in office buildings, offering some Chinese or another subpar custom garment at subpar prices under an Italian sounding name or a black Label.  In either case, the lack of knowledge, passion, and caring about the details that are overlooked as a matter of fact, on a daily basis are stupefying.  Our reputation precedes us.  See for yourself.

-Victor Dash

Dash’s of Old Town, Since 2005

Original Dash’s, 1968 -1987

Heritage matters