The Philosophy That Makes Dash’s of Old Town Stand Out

Other men’s clothiers and retailers offer a service that they did not invent. A formula they did not create. A delivery method that was provided to them. Nothing they do amount to what they have is patentable or does not provide a unique user experience. They haven’t even identified and isolated a market segment. esigner closed in 1987 That’s why we are different. I am a second generation clothier. But this isn’t what makes me good at my job. Being a clothier requires passion, enthusiasm and a love of your craft – but most importantly, perpetual learning.

Dash’s Partnerships & Manufacturers from around the World

Our goal as Dash’s is to find manufacturers with the same passion, enthusiasm, and heritage – It was fortuitous that in our first year, 2005, we found and partnered with Lubiam. Lubiam is a company that has established itself in the luxury suit, jacket and formalwear marketplace. For over 100 years since its founding, LUBIAM still manages to intersect its quintessential Italian roots through its emphasis on craftsmanship and its continuing involvement of the family of original founder, Luigi Bianchi.


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