Why Dash’s

Some companies have an Italian sounding name but the garments are made anywhere but Italy or France! That’s not to say that Italian custom made pieces don’t exist. They do, they exist in trusted, recognizable stores like Armani, Canali, Ermangildo Zegna, Bigan Beverly Hills – and some popular department stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue! There are a few local boutiques that carry their off the rack pieces. But these boutiques offer their pieces at 30% higher price-point than our custom made garments.
It’s worth repeating: Dash’s custom garments are approx. 30% less than our competitors off the rack price!
It is our finding that many clothiers and department stores rely on labels to sell their stock and take advantage of an uninformed customer base. In addition, many sales associates themselves are uninformed about the very garments they are selling! As a result, the details and finer points that make a wardrobe truly stunning and overlooked, and people are paying more, but dressing worse.
Our goal as Dash’s is to find manufacturers with the same passion, enthusiasm, and heritage –
It was fortuitous that in our first year, 2005, we found and partnered with Lubiam. Lubiam is a company that has established itself in the luxury suit, jacket and formalwear marketplace. For over 100 years since its founding, LUBIAM still manages to intersect its quintessential Italian roots through its emphasis on craftsmanship and its continuing involvement of the family of original founder, Luigi Bianchi.
It has taken us 12 years to find another manufacturer for us to partner with – Howard’s of Paris. Howard’s produces custom made shirts, ties and accessories.
Believe it or not, it is just as hard trying to find manufacturer with heritage, passion, enthusiasm and style as trying to find a clothier who takes pride on his or her craft. Not just lip service.